Welcome to mall140! As we cross our Ts and dot our Is, and get ready to welcome you on a fun online shopping experience, so what’s new, you might ask. It’s just another online retail store. Shoes, books, jewellery, there are so many to pick from anyway. Hold, on, read up. About how Mall140 took shape to bring you unique products from across the land. To put you in touch with fun, different, unique, and branded products that might otherwise have never appeared on your virtual shop shelves.

And this story unfolds in two parts.
Part 1. We were on a road trip to the Grand Canyon and stopped at a convenience store at mile 140 on Rt. 66. We found these cool T-shirts with a graphic of the mile marker on them and I bought them for my daughters. Back home in Seattle, my brother liked the T-shirts and wanted one for himself. Short of going back to Arizona, we had no means of getting them. That’s when the idea of creating a marketplace came to my mind. A marketplace where I could find unique products, and sellers like the T-shirt vendor could find a platform to showcase their wares.


Now for part 2.
We all love our super brands, don’t we? That perfect Armani suit, the one and only prom dress, or the gown that you had to have for the dinner gala. Well we do too. When we were going through our closet, we were wondering if we would ever wear so many of our clothes again. mall140 suggested the best way forward. I enabled mall140 to let you bring your gently used, designer wear online, and help you find customers who would love to buy them off you. Now that is a win-win all around.

And if you are looking for affordable branded goods in good condition, mall140 is it. Whether you’re looking for uber cool tees, dresses, accessories, and more for your wardrobe, look through our marketplace. And chances are you will get lucky.

Our sellers bring you jewellery, shoes, gorgeous clothing for women, dapper apparel for men, fun outfits for kids, cool accessories, even books. Come browse along, for a truly unique marketplace experience.

Juana Bhaskaran.

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