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4/$10 Happy Birthday, Kit A Springtime Story Book 4

4/$10 Happy Birthday, Kit A Springtime Story Book 4


Collection Type Personal Collection
Condition Pre Owned
ISBN 1-58485-022-1
Author Valerie Tripp
Language English
Publisher Pleasant Company Publications


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1934 Happy Birthday, Kit A Spring Story Book 4

Keeping Up with boarding house chores means there's no time to plan a birthday party of Kit's tenth birthday.  Besides, there's no money either, since Dad still doesn't have a job because of the Depression.  Kit knows she shouldn't even be thinking about a part, but it's hard not to hope.  Then, when Aunt Millie shows up unexpectedly at the Kittredges' front door, Kit finds new reasons to hope.  And Aunt Millie is so full of good ideas and surprises that Kit loves having her there -- until, that is, one of Aunt Millie's ideas doesn't sound so good to Kit.

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