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4/$10 Happy Birthday, Samantha! A Springtime Story Book 4

4/$10 Happy Birthday, Samantha! A Springtime Story Book 4


Collection Type Personal Collection
Condition Pre Owned
ISBN 0-937295-35-3
Author Valerie Tripp
Language English
Publisher Pleasant Company Publications


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1904 Happy Birthday, Samantha!  A Springtime Story Book 4

Samantha's Birthday Party is nearly ruined when Eddie Ryland plays a mean trick.  Then Agnes and Agatha, Cornelia's ten-year-old twin sisters, save the day with an invitation to visition New York City.  Samantha loves the twins' lively, carefree attitude and can't wait to go -- especially since the trip will include a stop at the fanciest ice cream parlor in town.  But when the girls carelessly break some rules, they suddenly find themselves racing dangerously through the big city-- and the path they take leasds to suprising discoveries.

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