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Dear Bully of Mine

Dear Bully of Mine


Collection Type Personal Collection
Condition New
ISBN 978-1-927815-02-1
Author Vicki Fraser
Language English
Publisher Domnizelles Publications Inc.


Dear Bully of Mine

Self-worth, confidence and self-esteem are three qualities that can give children the strength to stand up for themselves and others.  Join these three characters as they stare their honest feelings with their dear bullies.  Watch their internal battle as they begin to question the power that their bullies have over them.  Witness their quiet evolution as they take back what is rightfully theirs; freedom to live in peace.

I'm not going to let this continue.
What you are doing is wrong.
I have every right to be happy.
I am

Everyone can benefit from daily affirmation that they have value.
This book does just that.