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When I am Older

When I am Older


Collection Type Personal Collection
Condition New
ISBN 978-0-9878554-7-3
Author A Collection by Young Authors
Language English
Publisher Domnizelles Publications Inc.


When I am Older

Childhood dreams and beliefs are sometimes forgotten, but they are always real.
What were your?  What are yours?

When I am older, I want to be a great dad, like the one I always wanted.
                                                                        - Malik-Aja Merisier

When I am older, I see myself as a famous hockey player.
                                                                       - Corey Horwood

When I am older, I see myself being very rich and living in a mansion.  I see myself walking the red carpet for my movie premiere; my fans cheering for me and looking at me.
                                                                       - Meyghan Goodman

When I am older, I'll see people I love go their separate ways.
                                                                        - Stephanie Cucuzella